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2015 február


The guide to Owning a Totoise, Jerry G. Walls
Map Tuteles and Diamond back Terrapins, W.P Mara
Reptile and Amphibian Parasites, Eric M. Rundquist
Snakes Keeping and breeding them in Captivity, John
Snakes of the world, Scott Weidensaul

2015 február


A Photographic guide to Snakes and other reptiles of Sri
Lanka, Indraneil Das and Anslem De Silva
Indian Poisonous snakes, B. D Sharma
Water Snakes of north america, W. P Mara
Rat Snakes, Jerry G. Walls
Burmese Pythons, John Coborn
Make me an offer for all of them, can deliver at next Hamm, March

2015 január


1.1 CB 2012 Chilabothrus(epicrates) inornatus.
For Hamm in March
Trade for the following are welcome: Tropidophis(not
looking for melanurus and haetianus), Ungaliophis,
Trachyboa, Exiliboa, Rare Chilabothrus, (epicrates):
monensis, gracilis, exsul, striatus subspecies, Liophis
juliae, Calabaria

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