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July 2015 (upped October 2015)

14 species of Tarantulas spiders available sale


14 different species of Tarantulas spiders and slings for sale

1) Brazilian Black Tarantulas.
2) Cobalt Blue Tarantulas
3) Haitian Brown Tarantulas
4) atrax robustus(Sydney funnel-web spider)
5) xenesthis tarantula
6)Mexican Redknee Tarantulas
7)Flame Knee Tarantulas
8)Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantulas
9)Zebra Tarantula
10)Pink-Toed Tarantulas
11)Rio Grande Gold Tarantulas

Weight 100 to 500 grams
Shipping is worldwide. For more details, e-mail us (bscorpionimport.exporttrade@gmail.com)

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