Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is the former Chairman and one of the founding members of the British Tarantula Society. He has also been a Research Associate of the Natural History Museum London and Scientific Fellow of the London Zoological Society. Born in 1955, he has worked as an archaeological photographer, movie screen writer and for many years a school teacher – before becoming a science demonstrator. He is also a very enthusiastic amateur arachnologist, lecturer, writer, traveller and natural history film maker. Andrew Smith is author of the classic tarantula books, The Tarantula ID Guide, Baboon Spiders and Tarantulas of the USA & Mexico.

More recently he has returned back to movie screenwriting – and is co-owner of the download book and documentary website –

British Tarantula Society Budapest

18 th. October 2014.

Lecture and dinner

The British Tarantula Society lecture in Budapest

Lecturer Event
Ray Hale Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace: Two minds, one theory
Stuart Longhorn Tarantulas of Mexico and nearby, focused on Brachypelma
Peter Kirk The Spiders Of Borneo
Richard Gallon The Diversity of Africa's Tarantulas
Ray Gabriel Tarantulas of Panama and Nicaragua
Andrew Smith 1641 - The Year Tropical Tarantulas Arrived in Europe